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Hi everyone!! Here is the list of members that we have now.

If you are not on the list and you commented to the Members Sweep Post please let me know.

If you would like to remain a member and did not reply to the Members Sweep Poster please leave a comment and I will respond back to you ASAP.

This list is as of: 6/22/10

If you were a mod that was removed from the community for not responding to the Members Sweep and you were added back, you will need to let me know so I can give you back your mod access.

Thank you!

9seconds - lit_contemps
a_shadow_there - lit_romantics
allthetrees - lit_moderns
anotherplay - lit_victorians
appleautumn - lit_romantics
arhh - lit_moderns
azuire - lit_moderns
biancathecookie - lit_contemps
blanc_hiver - lit_romantics
bleakwinters - lit_contemps
bohochick19 - lit_moderns
chaucerettescs - lit_romantics
christina_reads - lit_victorians
christystewart - lit_moderns
chrryblssmninja - lit_contemps
crucifixation - romantics
darkblue - lit_victorians
demented2468 - lit_victorians
destinyfroste - lit_victorians
devils_sidekick - victorians
fagling - lit_moderns
fanged_angel - lit_victorians
flickersofaie - lit_moderns
haily44 - lit_romantics on hiatus
heartcollides - lit_contemps
kitty_mrowr - lit_moderns
jojibear - lit_victorians
just_happening - lit_moderns
ladyofithilien - lit_contemps
letter4no1 - lit_victorians
lucy_bird - lit_romantics
misstopia - lit_moderns
moekat - lit_victorians
nastyakireeva - lit_victorians
nicolle_016 - lit_victorians
obsessivexlove - lit_romantics
pantalaemon - lit_victorians
pointblankdarcy - lit_contemps
raconteur99 - lit_romantics
shibuya_sunrise - moderns
stalker_celly - lit_moderns
starianprincess - lit_romantics
tapeta - was morlockiness - moderns
teiira - lit_moderns
terra_lilly - lit_contemps
waysides - lit_contemps
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